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About our CEO

With more than 20 years of experience, Nicole Chen is a pioneer of the fashion industry in China and has been leading the trends in China’s fashion industry for more than a decade. Her distinguished career has established her reputation and her knowledge is sought after by not only the experts in the industry but also well-known international brands, celebrities and global media. With her unique understanding of the Chinese market she founded NC.STYLE in 2003 and powerful built the first leading fashion focused agency in China.

Being a award winning business woman with a unique understanding of the Chinese market and its development, Nicole Chen effectively implemented numerous advantageous marketing strategies for international and mainland fashion brands looking to successful grow in China and build a strong brand image in the eyes of the consumers. She focused on creating tailored business strategies in the areas of distribution, retail, wholesale, public relations, brand development, fashion styling and design.

Nicole Chen is actively involved in many fashion activities where her influence is crucial for the development of the Chinese fashion market. Recently she became the strategic Marketing Consultant for the renowned World Japan, as well as being the future trends consultant for Procter & Gamble, an appointed consultant to the China Apparel Association to develop operations and distribution channels for the industry, a teacher on buying courses and the writer of a column for the Joint Convention of China Apparel Distributors and Retailers at the China Apparel Association.

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